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Our foods have ZERO artificial food coloring, ZERO MSG and ZERO preservatives. 100% All natural & fresh as our ancestors would do. We have practiced the simplicity and tradition of recipes accustomed in Indian homes for generations.


We carefully select & import all our spices and honey from India, choosing only A grade. (Please ask an attendant if you want to purchase some honey or spices – Straight from the chef’s shelf).


Apart from our spices, Love is our secret ingredient.


14 Spice Beef Kebab

Grilled beef skewers with 14 balanced spices n’ herbs. Served with our house-made mint and cilantro chutney.

PHP 119

Masala Sisig – Pork

Not your mama’s Sisig. This recipe calls for a delicious dose of Masala/ spices and boy does it pack a punch.

PHP 166

Creamy Chicken kebab

Served with our house-made mint & cilantro chutney. (Silk soft grilled chicken with hints of white pepper & cardamom)

PHP 178

Potato Fritters (Bhajji) [v]

Sliced potatoes in spiced gram flour coating.

PHP 94

Chicken Poppers

Crispy n’ Crunchy outside, juicy and tender on the inside with zesty curry leaves.

PHP 119

Hummus [v]

The chickpea delicacy that needs no introduction. Served with house-made Roti.

PHP 112

Curries and Beyond

Chicken Tikka Masala

Served with your choice of rice or bread (Grilled chicken folded into a rich curry sauce. It’s from India, Not the

PHP 268

My Lola’s Pork Curry

This recipe has been passed down in my family for 3 generations.
Experience a true taste of India with this curry – sweet, sour and spicy.

PHP  188

Beef Calderetti (Spaghetti)

Our very own caldereta recipe, infused with spices and transformed into a delectable pasta dish.

PHP 128

Beef Keema

Served with your choice of rice or house – made bread (Slow simmered aromatic ground beef with tomato and onion sauce).

PHP  198

Buttered Lentils (Makhni Daal) [v]

Black lentils mixed with thick yet silky onion and tomato sauce. Slathered
with butter and cream.

PHP 179

Steamed Rice


1 hefty cup, rice only.

PHP  36

Cardamom & Basmati

 1 hefty bowl

PHP 94

House-Made Bread – 6″ Roti


 1 piece, roti only.

PHP  25

Two Pieces

2 pieces, roti only. 

PHP 45


Kheer (Almond & Saffron Rice Pudding)

Made from fresh carabao milk with some refreshing Kashmir saffron.

PHP  164


Traditional Indian ice cream with Cardamom, almonds and pistachios give this a very rich ending to any meal. (Use of condensed milk and whipping cream hence contains preservatives)

PHP 129

Team / Group Packs

Chicken Biryani

The food of the Kings! Basmati rice and clarified butter with aromatic chicken meat. Good for 8 to 12 people.

PHP  1,750/kg

Mutton “Kambing” Biryani

The food of the Kings! Basmati rice and clarified butter with aromatic mutton or “Kambing” meat. Good for 8 to 12 people.

PHP 1,950

Cucumber Ralta

Pairs best with the biryani. Chat masala and mild flavorful spices create an exciting yogurt salad. Good for 8 to 12 people.

PHP 300/kg

Mutton “Kambing” Curry

An explosion of our house-made garam masala in a thick onion sauce and juicy Kambing meat. Pepper Tree’s best seller. Good for 8 to 12 people.

PHP 1,650/kg

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